Serving Women Veterans

There are approximately two million women veterans today and they are often hidden in plain sight. One in ten veterans is a woman, but only one in sixty-nine women is a veteran. To learn more about today’s population of women veterans and tips on serving them, check out these resources. To suggest a resource, please email

Unemployment Rates of Women Veterans Enrolled in School – PDF The highest unemployment rates are consistently found among those enrolled in school. In 2018, 23% of unemployed student veterans were women.

2018 Employment, Unemployment, and Education – Video | PPTX | PDF Transcript Learn about the 2018 annual average employment, unemployment, and educational attainment of women veterans as compared to male veterans and women nonveterans.

2018 Gender and Veteran Demographics – Video | PPTX | PDF Transcript Learn about the demographics of women veterans, as compared to male veterans and women veterans.

Homeless Women Veteran Listening Sessions – PDF Results of 28 moderated listening sessions with formerly and currently homeless women veterans and service providers.

Trauma-Informed Care for Women Veterans Experiencing Homelessness – PDF A user guide for service providers containing information on the experiences and needs of some women veterans and what it means to provide trauma-informed care.