NVTAC understands the struggle to provide comprehensive training while addressing other competing priorities. To help avoid the consequences of inadequate training for new staff — a steep learning curve, a trial and error approach, and poor grant performance — NVTAC has developed multiple training options to support grantee needs.

Virtual Learning Classrooms

Twice each year, NVTAC offers a series of Virtual Learning Classes (VLCs) to support HVRP staff and leadership to continually improve their services to veterans. The classes are interactive and are designed to increase opportunities for HVRP staff and leaders to share their insights and promising practices, as well as provide a space for collaboration.

VLCs are 75-minute webinars featuring guest speakers who present their views on trending topics from the field. To register for the VLC, please email: contact@nvtac.org.

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Topical Webinars

Throughout the year, NVTAC hosts an occasional series of stand-alone webinars in response to the needs of the field and emerging issues, to support HVRP staff and leadership. In addition to recordings of each session, the slide presentation, and related handouts are available. These webinars provide participants with the latest topical information to increase knowledge of HVRP best practices and provide a resource for improving delivery of services.

Webinars are between an hour and an hour and a half and feature guest speakers or presenters sharing the most recent information on trending topics related to HVRP best practices and management. To receive updates on upcoming webinars and register for an event, please email: contact@nvtac.org.

Current Webinars

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