Welcome New Grantees

Two HVRP advocates discussing Grantee Operations

NVTAC is excited to welcome you to the Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program (HVRP) grantee community.  A key focus of NVTAC’s mission is to provide technical assistance and resources to grantees to support their efforts to employ veterans who are experiencing homelessness.  This section of the NVTAC website is designed to be a one-stop resource for you to access materials to support grant start-up activities and your ongoing work with veterans, employers, and partners.

Get Started with your HVRP Grant

NVTAC has designed a set of materials and training to help you get started with your HVRP grant:

New Grantee Welcome Packet
The new HVRP Grantee Welcome Packet has basic grant start-up information, including an overview of HVRP and NVTAC, tips on conducting outreach to partners, and a 30-day checklist.

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HVRP Program Guide for Grantees
NVTAC developed the Program Guide to serve as a comprehensive resource to support HRVP implementation.

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HVRP Eligibility Changes FAQ
NVTAC developed a short memo that provides a summary of recent changes to HVRP eligibility.

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Get Support for Your Ongoing Work with Veterans
Visit our Resource Page to access materials for new and long-standing programs, including operations guides, topic briefs, success stories, discussions about special populations, and more.

Connect with the Community
Engage with your fellow grantees and DOL-VETS staff through the NVTAC Community of Practice (CoP), which includes the online Knowledge Network, an e-newsletter, and a monthly virtual meeting.

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If you have questions, need assistance or have a success story to share, please contact us.
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