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    Luke Watkins

    Good day, I am seeking information from other HVRPs to see if anyone has held a virtual job fair and what software or systems did you use to make it happen. We have several organizations in the county here that want to put on a virtual job fair but the cost of the software was over $8K. If we could find out from other HVRPs how they did it, we could get the backing of our organizations here to assist all our Veterans in the county. Any assistance or knowledge that you have would be wonderful. And thank you in advance.


    Hi Luke,

    I have recently partnered with a company to conduct a virtual recruitment. A few suggestions that may help you-

    Software- Several companies are holding virtual recruitments already, and may have the software/platforms to conduct virtual recruitments. So you can possibly partner up with them to conduct your virtual fair/recruitment if they are open to it. For our recruitment, the company already had access to the platform Zoom. Participants did also have an option to phone in.

    Logistics- Initially the virtual recruitment covered 2 days, with 3 sessions at an hour each, and 15-20 participants for each session. We ended up adding 2 more days due to participants not receiving registration confirmation– It was discovered that the confirmations were going into participant’s spam/junk mail. So it is imperative that if you use an emailing system, that you do follow-ups with those who are pre-registered for your event (this can be done through text, phone call, social media posts)

    One thing we did find to be an issue is giving enough time or a platform for participants to ask questions. We felt we could have done more/or improve in that area. A suggestion was to have an additional recruiter to answer questions in the chat box.

    Hope that helps.

    Luke Watkins

    THank you so much. This does give me some ideas!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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