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    Please describe a scenario where you have been unsure about whether a veteran should be enrolled in HVRP?

    Luke Watkins

    I have a DD-214 with no Primary Specialty or Military Education. Both state None//Nothing follows. The individual does have 7 months of service and a honorable discharge. Do they meet the eligibility requirements? How do we prove they served on active duty for 1 day not including training via the DD-214? What information do other HVRPs use for eligibility?

    P.S. Maybe I am reading too much into the DD-214. Is the correct way to determine eligibility is to see whether or not they served any amount of time in the regular service, regular Army, regular Air Force, etc… or meet the requirements under the Guard/Reserves, and not worry about training completed and Primary Specialty? So in my case above, they served in the Regular Army for 7 months and was honorably discharged. Is that all I need for eligibility?

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    Cindy Borden

    Hi Luke –

    For the purposes of HVRP eligibility, training completed and Primary specialty are not important. You need to determine 2 things: Discharge status (you note the individual has an honorable discharge) and at least 1 day of active duty not including training. It sounds like this individual served active duty in the Army for 7 months so that would meet the veteran eligibility requirement. Before enrolling you still need to make sure he/she meets the homeless or related definitions and is in need of employment. I recommend you reach out to your GOTR to confirm everything.

    Luke Watkins

    Thank you for your response. This does help a lot. Not to get hung up on the “not including training” but does that refer to the Guard and reserves, or Initial and technical training?

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