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    Nicole LaCorte-Klein

    Looking for examples of successful partnerships with not only DVOPs/LVERs but other staff at AJCs? Have you utilized any training dollars at the AJCs? If so, how?

    Savannah Wood

    ECHO Housing HVRP in Evansville, IN has a solid partnership with the AJC (WorkOne) for this 9 county area in Southwest Indiana. We collaborate with JVSG and WIOA staff to ensure co-enrollment. Often times we will request a WIOA or DVOP staff member to meet us at our office when we initially enroll a Veteran into HVRP. This practice of simultaneous co-enrollment prevents referral fatigue with the Veteran participant who also gets referred to partner agencies such as SSVF, VA, legal assistance, financial assisting organizations etc.

    If for some reason we cannot conduct a simultaneous co-enrollment, we ensure the HVRP participant gets to the AJC and has an already identified point of contact with either JVSG or WIOA for enrollment purposes. We follow up all enrollments with an “AJC Co-Enrollment” form that is completed on every participant and kept in the clients files. This form includes the AJC staff member name, services provided, date the grant number was entered for tracking purposes, etc.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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